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Elegance is timeless, and so is the allure of diamond rings. At Nazar’s & Co. Jewelers, we understand the significance of preserving the pristine beauty of such treasured pieces. This beckons the age-old question: Can diamond rings truly get wet?

The Majestic Composition of Diamond Rings

At the heart of Nazar’s & Co. Jewelers, we cherish the finesse and luxury shopping experience that diamonds bring. These dazzling gemstones naturally formed deep in the Earth’s mantle, are celebrated as the hardest known material. 


As for the metals that embrace these diamonds, we boast a range of the finest, from glimmering gold varieties to resilient platinum and silver.

The Undying Resilience of Diamonds to Water

Diamonds, by their nature, are resistant to water. Immersing them doesn’t diminish their brilliance. At Nazar’s & Co. Jewelers, our collection of fine jewelry ensures that each diamond retains its luminosity, irrespective of water contact.

Setting Concerns: Beyond the Diamond’s Sparkle

While diamonds are undeniably robust, the setting they’re housed in might not share the same hardiness. Gold and platinum are durable, but over time, constant water exposure can compromise the ring’s structure, especially if it has a more delicate design or intricate workmanship. 


We pride ourselves on our in-house designs, and we always advise our clients to be cautious to prolong the life of their unique pieces.

The Delicate Dance of Impurities and Inclusions

Even within the realm of luxury, diamonds have their nuances. Some have impurities or inclusions, minute internal or surface features. While water doesn’t directly harm these, knowing your diamond’s individual characteristics is vital. 


Our exceptional customer service team at Nazar’s & Co. Jewelers is ever-ready to guide you on this intricate journey.

Considering Companions: Other Gemstones on Your Ring

Our designer collections often marry diamonds with other precious stones. And while diamonds might be resilient, stones like pearls or opals require gentler care. It’s this fusion of care and luxury that ensures each piece from Nazar’s & Co. remains timeless.


Guarding Your Treasured Adornment

While the occasional splash won’t harm, prolonged exposure is best avoided. We suggest steering clear of chlorinated pools and ensuring your gem is dried properly. Regularly inspect your setting, especially if your ring is a custom jewelry creation, to ensure no stone is loose.

Reviving Your Diamond’s Brilliance

Every piece, even those from our finest designer collections, benefits from a gentle cleaning. A mixture of water and mild soap can maintain its sparkle, but for a thorough refresh, experience our expert craftsmanship with professional cleaning.


A diamond’s elegance is unyielding, much like the commitment Nazar’s & Co. Jewelers has to quality and craftsmanship. So, can diamond rings get wet? Occasionally, yes, but with care and knowledge, your diamond will shimmer through lifetimes.


Embark on a journey of luxury and discover our stunning collection. Experience a world where expert craftsmanship meets timeless allure, only at Nazar’s & Co. Jewelers.

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