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It’s easy to assume that diamonds are indestructible; after all, they are ranked as the hardest substance discovered by man. This is generally true because of the internal lattice-like structure of the carbon atoms that form the diamond. Unfortunately, everything has its vulnerabilities, and diamonds are not an exception.

So, yes, diamonds can break. This might seem like bad news, but the bright side is that it’s very rare for a diamond to break. To ensure you’re on the safe side, we will discuss ways you can avoid damaging your diamond and a few measures in case it breaks.

Let’s take a look:

How Do You Break a Diamond?

Almost every jeweler has a collection of broken diamonds they got from their clients in their years of business, but when most clients are asked how their diamonds broke, most don’t know. Truth is, most people unintentionally put their diamonds through plenty of wear and tear through their daily movements. 

A diamond doesn’t shatter if it drops but will chip from a mighty blow. Also, remember that a diamond is a tiny object compared to a person. So, sometimes movements that seem minor might be an extensive amount of force on the small diamond, possibly breaking it. 

So, to avoid breaking it, we suggest you avoid wearing diamonds when struggling to lift something heavy or when hitting the gym. 

How Do I Avoid Breaking My Diamond?

To avoid scratching or even breaking the diamond, avoid making temperamental movements that may cause it to fall or be accidentally hit. Always remove your diamond jewelry before going for a swim and avoid exposing it to harsh lotions or chemicals that might compromise the stability of your diamond settings.

When not in use, store them somewhere safe and wrapped in soft clothing or in a box. Basically, treat your diamonds with extreme caution.


Although breaking a diamond is tough, we suggest you take precautions in advance to ensure it never breaks or chips. But suppose it breaks despite your efforts to keep it safe; the best thing to do is to consult a professional diamond cutter. 

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