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It isn’t the end of your shopping journey after choosing a diamond. You could have encountered several challenges when picking the right stone for your ring, but you haven’t finished your shopping yet. The next step requires you to choose the right mounting for your precious stone. Here are some tips to help you choose the best setting for your diamond:

Type Of Setting

You need to keep in mind that whichever setting you choose involves a trade-off between safety and visibility. Mountings, such as bezels, encircle the stone with metal strips and make it more secure, but conceal a good portion of the diamond. The prong setting shows more of the diamond, but exposes the stone to more harm. Try to establish a balance between safety and visibility when choosing a setting for your diamond ring.

Mounting Size

Choose a mounting size that achieves a balanced look for your precious stone. If your mounting is too heavy, the diamond will appear too small, and if it’s too small, the stone will look disproportionate. Be sure there’s a harmony between the size of the diamond and its setting.

Diamond Color

When choosing a setting for your diamond ring, ensure the white color of the stone stands out, and that it conceals any possible tints in the stone. If your diamond happens to have any yellowish tints, choose a yellow-gold setting.

Diamond Shape

Choose a setting that complements the shape of your diamond ring. If your diamond is round, pick a mounting with a round or curved shape. A square stone would require a setting with an angular design.

When it comes to the choice of the best setting for your diamond ring, it may boil down to your personal tastes. But you should remember that the mounting size, shape of your diamond, diamond color, and type of setting, combine to make a perfect ring. If you need more help, please contact us today.

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