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Amethyst is one of the most popular purple gems. If you love the color purple, accessories made from this precious stone can add a touch of drama to your look. Unfortunately, you won’t look how you want to if you purchase a fake amethyst. But how do you tell the real one? Here’s how:

Pay Attention To The Color of the Gem

The primary color of amethysts is purple, which remains vogue. However, it can be brown, pink, or red in some instances, depending on the gem’s main shade. When distinguishing a fake amethyst from a real one, observing it under natural light can help. Any color apart from the ones mentioned indicates that the gem is fake. 

Focus On Clarity 

Most amethysts are eye-clean, with no flaws whatsoever. Check your product under natural light, and if you see a spot or anything else that shouldn’t be there, the chances are that it is fake. 

Consider Conducting Some Gravitational Tests

Another way to tell if amethyst is real or fake is by conducting gravitational tests, which might take longer, but is worthwhile. The standard ratio for amethyst’s gravitational density is around 2.65. For this, you will need a beaker, some water, and a scale. 

Inquire About The Origin of the Amethyst 

Today, you can get amethyst from almost any part of the world. However, most of these gems are originally from Brazil, Namibia, South Africa, and some states in the United States. While this doesn’t mean that amethyst from anywhere else is fake, it can serve as your first eye-opener. 

Test Its Hardness 

Amethyst has a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness —it doesn’t abrade while scratching on something softer. Testing your gem’s hardness is one of the ways of telling its legitimacy.

Feel Its Temperature

This is probably the fastest and simplest method of identification. All you have to do is hold the gem and check its temperature. Ordinarily, amethyst can retain a relatively lower temperature even when exposed to natural sunlight. If the gem you are holding feels warm in your hand, it’s probably fake. 

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