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Aquamarine is a gemstone belonging to the Beryl family of gemstones, comprising Goshenite, Morganite, Emerald, and Yellow Beryl. The gemstone’s color ranges from deep blue to light blue. Aquamarines are elegant and pricey gems, and some merchants sell synthetic or fake stones and glass as aquamarines. Thankfully, there are some ways to verify the authenticity of aquamarines.

1. Touch the Gemstone

You can touch aquamarines to verify their authenticity. People make fake aquamarines using glass, which is a good conductor of heat. Therefore, they may feel warm or have room temperature when you touch them. Real aquamarines feel cool against your skin.

2. Check for Bubbles

Place the aquamarine under a bright light before viewing it via a 10× jeweler’s loupe. Aquamarine doesn’t have any bubbles. If you observe any bubbles in the gemstone’s structure, it could be fake.

3. View the Gemstone From Different Angles

Aquamarines are pleochroic — they show different colors when viewed from different angles. If the gemstone shows one hue when viewed from various angles, it may be a fake.

4. Look for Scratches

You can also verify the authenticity of aquamarines by checking for scratches. Aquamarines are tough, so they aren’t scratched easily. If you examine the stone and find it has scratches, it may be fake.

5. Check Refraction

You can check the stone’s refraction to ascertain its authenticity. Blue topaz is refractive, and you can find more visible refraction lines. Aquamarine is less refractive. If the gemstone has the doubling of lines that you can spot easily, it can be topaz.

6. Use a Microscope

You may use a microscope to check the stone’s internal crystalline structure. The hexagonal shape inside aquamarines can be visible when you view it through a microscope.

7. Consult a Gemologist

A gemologist can verify whether an aquamarine is authentic. The gemologist can have various procedures and equipment to check aquamarines’ authenticity.


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