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Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend, but knowing that the ones you have are real, makes them lifetime companions! With the popularity and demand for original diamonds, you’ve probably heard countless ways of testing these gems. Well, there is no better way to determine if your diamond is genuine or fake than by using a diamond tester! Here’s how;


There are multiple brands and models of diamond testers in the market, and each varies in operation and usage. First, read the instructional manual to prepare for your tester’s specific usage journey. This way, you will understand the diamond tester according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Since most testers use batteries to power up, preparation involves sliding open the battery cover and inserting the correct batteries. You are now good to go! 

Set The Sensitivity

Locate the sensitivity knob on the selection menu and turn it on. Next, slide the power switch until it reaches your preferred sensitivity level. Allow 20 seconds for the light to illuminate, and adjust the knob until the light goes to the correct position. Always remember to adjust the sensitivity level based on the size of your diamond. 

Open The Selector

Remove the cap from the end of the selector when the light turns on. Because the cap shields the tip, proceed with caution. Put the cap somewhere safe to avoid losing it. The selector will light up to allow you to place the test tip on your diamond. 

Hold the tester firmly and place it straight to your diamond to achieve the best results. Keep your hand on the metal bar on the selector’s rear while pushing it. This ensures that even if you mistakenly touch its setting, an alarm will sound to inform you.

Get Your Results

If the lights do not shift, your stone is not a genuine diamond. Also, if the lights ignite slowly, the stone will likely be another gemstone, such as non-diamond moissanite or sapphire. However, if the lights reach 9, you may relax and feel confident that you have genuine diamond(s). In this instance, all of the lights on the bar will illuminate, and you will hear a beep sound.

Notably, the diamond tester is more dependable than any other testing tool because of its ease of use and certainty of accurate results. Therefore, with the correct diamond tester, you can tell the quality of your gems in seconds. And the best news is that you may use the tester at home, at work, or on the road. The secret is in knowing how to use it!

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