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If you love the beautiful blue-green color of Aquamarine, then you’re not alone. Aquamarine rings are stunning and perfect for any woman’s jewelry collection. You can look stunning  wearing this beautiful stone around your finger with the right combination of other jewelry and clothing pieces.

Ever wondered what it’s like or where you can get one? If so, read our guide on how to wear an aquamarine ring.

What Do You Know About Aquamarine?

An aquamarine is a medium-dark blue gemstone. It has been used as a gemstone for thousands of years and is commonly used in engagement rings. The transparent stone gives off a glittering hue, which gives it a unique edge over other stones.

It is commonly thought of as blue but comes in shades of green. The best aquamarines are pale blue and can command high prices on the black and white markets, depending on their quality. Aquamarines are found worldwide, with Brazil producing some adorable pieces.

The majority of Brazilian pieces come from Minas Gerais state. The value of aquamarines is generally based on color and clarity; stones with more intense colors fetch higher prices than those that are paler or grayish-blue.

Tips On Wearing An Aquamarine Ring

Here are four tips on wearing an aquamarine ring with complete confidence.

1. Avoid Heavy Accents

It’s fun to wear multiple necklaces, but when you have necklaces with large gems like an aquamarine ring, your best bet is to avoid layering. A second necklace could look interesting over a scoop-neck top. However, adding another big piece of jewelry on top looks overwhelming and heavy.

Whether you wear your new aquamarine ring as a stand-alone piece or layer it with a matching pendant, be aware of what else you’re wearing so that every element complements each other. The rule also goes for all your jewelry.

2. Pick the Right Finger

Choosing where to wear your ring is just as important as choosing it. Many women wonder where they should wear their aquamarine rings and why.

First, knowing which finger is appropriate for wearing your ring is essential. Pick a finger that complements your style.

While you can wear it on any finger, your fourth or middle finger is traditionally reserved for larger gemstones like aquamarines. However, Regardless of which finger you pick, ensure that your hands are appropriately groomed.

3. Embrace Femininity

Aquamarine is an excellent stone for showcasing your feminine side. The soft, calming blue color makes for a great combination of both light and dark outfits.

It also looks good paired with other dainty jewelry pieces like pearl necklaces or delicate earrings. Ensure you avoid pairing it with overly bold jewelry like big chunky earrings or long necklaces.

Such a pairing will take away from its gentle look. The aquamarine ring should be treated as an accent piece meant to complement rather than make your outfit shine.

4. Combine with Other Rings and Bracelets

If you have more than one ring on your hand, layer them with other rings and bracelets to minimize their visual impact. The magic of combining multiple jewelry pieces is that it makes each one more special and unique.

Layer your favorite aquamarine ring with other rings and bracelets for a versatile look.

For example, if you wear an aquamarine ring on your index finger and a wedding band on your left hand, try wearing an additional ring from your collection on your middle or ring fingers.

There are no hard and fast rules for matching gemstones in your jewelry collection, but it’s a good idea for subtle gems like aquamarines to be paired with bolder hues.

Final Thoughts

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