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Alexandrite is a top-tier gem that plays in the same league as rubies, diamonds, and emeralds. In fact, alexandrite is famously known for being an “emerald by day and a ruby by night”. But just how expensive is alexandrite?

The color displays of alexandrite and its rarity make it one of the most valuable stones out there. Indeed, the alexandrite is quite expensive, but its steep pricing is the result of various factors and not just one single attribute.

How Expensive Is Alexandrite?

There are almost no standard prices for alexandrite. Its prices range from $15,000 per carat for a quality stone to about $70,000 for larger stones above 1 carat. The final price depends on various factors, including the degree of color change, size, clarity, and origin. Not all alexandrite gems cost the same, and prices are often determined by grades.

  • Low Grade- This grade of alexandrite only displays slight or no color changes. This alexandrite will most likely be below $2,000 per carat. Some of these might not pass the threshold for lab certification. 
  • Medium Grade- This grade will show color changes above 50% with a lighter green color and can be lab-certified. The price of this one will range from $5000 to 20,000. Medium-grade alexandrites from Brazil and Russia are often higher-priced.
  • Top Quality- The price can be above $20,000, and the color change is 80-100%. Top quality alexandrites from Brazil and Russia often cost twice as much as the others.

Is Alexandrite More Expensive Than Rubies And Diamonds?

Alexandrites are typically more expensive than diamonds. On average, an alexandrite will cost about three times more than a normal-sized diamond. In large sizes above 4 carats, Burmese rubies are rarer and more expensive than alexandrites. Nevertheless, alexandrites smaller than 1 carat are more expensive than diamonds and rubies. Most of the alexandrite gems on offer will weigh below 0.25 carat, but even these tiny sizes are rare. Emeralds are significantly more expensive than alexandrites.  

The Value Of Alexandrite

Authentic and certified alexandrites are a good investment option. However, always make sure you buy the stones from a reputable source because the origin is a major determinant of their value. Contact Nazar’s & Co today, and we can offer you the assistance you need to ensure you get your hands on the right gemstone.   


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