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What Does TDW Diamond Mean?

Have you ever gone to a jewelry store and heard or noticed the acronym “TDW” on some jewelry? You probably even wondered, what does TDW stand for? Well, the team at Nazar’s & Co. Jewelers have set out to explain just that. The acronym “TDW” stands for “total diamond weight” and depicts the actual total size of each diamond in a piece of jewelry, for instance, a necklace, bracelet, or ring. Whenever you’re considering buying an engagement ring, a tennis bracelet, or an anniversary necklace, it’s important to inquire about the size of the center, or biggest, diamond, as well as the total diamond weight.

Other Terms Used

Some aliases for TDW or Total Diamond Weight include: may also be referred to as 

  • Total Weight
  • Carat Weight Total
  • Carat Total Weight

These acronyms are seen right behind a numerical value, and you might see ads that utilize them. For example, a jeweler may tell you that a necklace is 0.80 CTW, which has a value equal to another necklace of 0.80 TDW. When you notice the acronym “CT,” it simply means “carat” and oftentimes describes a solitaire ring that contains only one diamond.

How Total Diamond Weight Is Calculated?

There are many formulas for computing diamond weight according to their shape. For starters, add the length and width of the diamond, then divide them  by two in order to acquire the average diameter. Multiply the average diameter twice, times the depth of the stone. Multiply that value by 0.0061 for a single round diamond and 0.0062 for a single oval-shaped diamond. 

Mathematical formulas for other shapes include: the length, multiplied by the width, multiplied by the depth, multiplied by 0.0059 for a heart shaped stone and 0.0057 for a stone that is a triangular shape. Add the value of all the stones to acquire the TDW.

How Accurate Is TDW?

The TDW does not signify that the piece is a highly valuable piece of jewelry. For instance, if a diamond ring is tagged as 1.25 TDW, it could specify that it has a 1-carat diamond in the middle, and a 1/8-carat stone on both sides. Moreover, it could also signify that the ring comprises (10) 1/8-carat diamond chips around the band. This value would also make the ring lesser in value because each small stone, individually, costs less. By law, jewelers are required to stay within a 0.02 range of accuracy in reference to the TDW on a piece of jewelry, according to the Federal Trade Commission.


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