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Unlike diamonds that take center stage, such as the Round Brilliant or Cushion Cut diamonds, the stone called the Baguette diamond is better known as a beautiful accent stone. When arranged around a central gemstone, baguette diamonds create balance and a distinctive appeal which brings an extraordinary aesthetic to the whole piece. Once you know how to identify a baguette diamond, you’ll find it is consistently used in some of today’s most gorgeous jewelry designs.

Characteristics of a Baguette Diamond

Baguette diamonds fall into a family of diamond shapes known as the Step Cuts, which includes both Emerald and Asscher cut diamonds. Step cut diamonds are known for their clearly defined, straight facets that are geometric in nature, with baguettes most often cut in an elongated rectangular shape crafted with a 5:1 width to length ratio. Baguette diamonds traditionally only have 14 cuts, compared to brilliant cut designs which have as many as 57 facets. Due to their clearly defined cuts and fewer facets, baguettes do not possess a lot of brilliance or sparkle, making them the perfect accent stones.

Popular Styles With Baguette Diamonds

Baguette diamond cuts were created between the 1920s and 1930s at the height of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods. Art Deco especially embraced the geometrical nature of the baguette cut diamond, showcasing the rectangular cut in a huge variety of popular jewelry designs. Today, the baguette diamond is just as versatile for the modern bride and can be used to compliment virtually every other kind of diamond cut or gemstone out there. Here are some examples of favorite settings for baguette diamonds:

  • Channel Set – A channel setting places baguette diamonds end to end length wise by use of a metal channel. The channel may cover part of all of a band, or lead up to a center stone.
  • Three Stone Ring – This common setting uses baguettes placed horizontally on either side of a central diamond.
  • Halo Setting – Halo styles which use baguettes as accent stones to encircle a central stone will look modern and chic.

Shopping for Baguette Diamonds

When you’re shopping for your next piece of diamond jewelry, consider incorporating the beautiful and versatile baguette diamond into your design. Baguettes offer an affordable way to add balance and volume when they are properly appraised for matching color and clarity. Whether you are looking to shop our amazing collection of fine jewelry, or you wish to create a unique custom piece of your own, the designers at Nazar’s and Co. Jewelers are ready to assist you! Contact us if you have more questions about baguettes and other cuts of diamonds, or schedule an appointment for dedicated service at our showroom in Houston, Texas.

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