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Blue diamonds are some of the most coveted colored diamonds. A blue diamond is a natural stone defined by its vibrant blue color. Blue diamonds are actually found in mines with their beautiful tone and come in a variety of shades ranging from pale sky blue to deep navy.

How Blue Diamonds Are Formed?

Natural blue diamonds are formed when carbon atoms fuse together under extreme heat and pressure conditions. Under these intense conditions, carbon atoms bond together and form crystalline structures, thus creating blue diamonds. Blue diamonds are colored by boron impurities. As the boron content rises, so does the intensity of the blue color.

Lab-grown blue-colored diamonds are made in a lab. These synthetic diamonds resemble mined natural diamonds in terms of composition, structure, and optical properties. Without further testing, you may not be able to tell between natural and lab-grown blue-colored diamonds. Blue diamonds that are naturally occurring are worth more than their color-enhanced counterparts.

Where Do Blue Diamonds Come From?

Only a few mines in the world produce blue diamonds. The Cullinan mine near Pretoria, South Africa, and the Argyle mine in Australia are two of the few places where blue diamonds are mined.

Why You Should Choose Blue Diamond

  • Blue diamonds stand out from other gemstones due to their obvious sparkle.
  • Their excellent clarity and brilliance give them a sophisticated appeal.
  • Blue diamonds offer a bold, modern look and are reasonably priced.
  • Blue diamonds are perfect for any occasion.
  • Blue diamonds are prized for their beauty and uniqueness.

Shop Blue Diamond Jewelry with Us

Blue diamond jewelry is highly sought after by diamond collectors and enthusiasts all over the world. These gemstones can be used as a center stone, side stone, or wedding band stone and are available in a wide range of designs and shades of blue. Are you looking for a colorful piece of jewelry to complement your collection or the perfect centerpiece for your engagement ring? Visit our website to explore our selection and find the blue diamonds that suit you best.


If you have any questions, the team at Nazar’s & co. Jewelers would be happy to discuss blue diamond jewelry with you. Contact us today for more information on blue diamond jewelry.

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