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The cushion cut diamond, also known as pillow-cut, is popular for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. This classic shape has been around for centuries. However, the modern version of the cut was developed in the 1800s. 

Cushion cut diamonds are alluring due to their soft, rounded corners and brilliant sparkle. They also have a larger surface area than round cuts, which means they appear larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight.

The History Of Cushion Cut Diamonds

The first recorded cushion cut diamond was created in 18th century France before it became popular with European royalty. The cut went out of fashion for many years but was reintroduced in the late 20th century when designers discovered its old-world charm. Today, we continue to see this style in exquisite designs from top jewelry houses.

The Pros And Cons Of Cushion Cut Diamonds


Cushion cut diamonds are particularly flattering for those who prefer an antique look. They’re a common choice for vintage-style engagement rings. Cushions have a larger face-up area than round diamonds, so they appear bigger than their carat weight suggests. The large facets on cushion cuts reflect lots of light and make them particularly radiant.


Cushion cut diamonds have a tendency to expose flaws and inclusions more than other cuts, especially near the center. If clarity is the most important factor for you, cushion-cut may not be the best choice.

How To Choose A Cushion Cut Diamond

The four Cs all apply to cushion-cut diamonds, and it’s just that some factors are more important than others, depending on your priorities.


Because cushion cuts consist of large facets (usually 64 or 58), flaws like chips and scratches can be more apparent than in other cuts. Make sure you’re buying a diamond with a good cut quality rating.


As mentioned earlier, this is one area where choosing a lower color grade isn’t going to affect how your diamond looks. It might even make it look more antique! We recommend choosing a G-H color grade for the best combination of price and appearance.


The large facets of cushion cuts show any flaws or inclusions more easily than other cuts. If you want a flawless stone, we suggest choosing a VS1 or higher clarity grade.


Cushion cuts are available in various carat weights, making them ideal for most people.


The cushion cut is a hybrid of two older cuts: the round brilliant and the old mine cut. This combination of styles creates a unique diamond with a soft shape and rounded corners. If you love romantic and feminine jewelry, then cushion cut diamonds may be for you. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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