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Natural diamonds are created deep under the shoal of the planet over millions and millions of years. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is a technique used to manufacture diamonds in the laboratory rapidly. They’re having an impact on the diamond sector.

Is A CVD Diamond A Real Diamond?

The term “laboratory-generated” may have you thinking whether it is a synonym for “synthetic.” But it doesn’t imply that a CVD diamond isn’t an authentic stone. Although the CVD diamonds were not created in the same manner as natural diamonds, their crystalline orbitals, sparkle, and brightness are precisely the same as those found in the earth millions of years ago.

The Federal Trade Commission of the United States determined in 2018 that CVD synthetic diamonds and genuine diamonds are all the same entity.

CVD Diamond Manufacturing Process

As the name suggests, CVD diamonds are created by heating a “seed diamond” (a small piece of an artificial diamond) in a vacuum chamber to an elevated temperature (about 800°C). As soon as the compartment is filled with methane and hydrogen, carbon-rich mixtures are injected.

The structural bonds of the gasses are broken when they are ionized. Carbon released during the process creates bond formation with the seed diamond. After a few weeks of this, a bigger diamond is made, similar to the smaller ones generated underground. An average one-carat CVD diamond will take around one month to develop.

How Much Does A CVD Diamond Cost?

CVD diamonds are typically 20%-30% less expensive than diamonds obtained using traditional methods. Buying a 2-carat CVD diamond for the same price as a 1.5-carat extracted diamond is possible. The tremendous mining expenses, the distribution network for mined diamonds, and currency manipulation for mined diamonds all contribute to the price discrepancies.

CVD diamonds are a gorgeous and inexpensive alternative to genuine mined diamonds. contact us if you’d like to learn more about CVD diamonds.

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