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Amethyst Iolite Diamond Dome Ring

Did you know you can shop for a diamond ring even if you’re not getting married? Fashion diamond rings are created in a huge variety of styles, from statement rings to infinity rings, and can be worn by almost anyone. Understanding fashion jewelry is as simple as embracing your own personal style.

Choosing a Fashion Diamond Ring

The great thing about fashion diamond rings is they can be designed to suit any personality. If you’re outgoing and love to show off a lot of sparkle, an intricate diamond cocktail ring might be the perfect accessory for a night on the town. If you’re shy with a simple sensibility, a slim diamond stackable could be a sweet accent. If you’re a fashionista hunting for the latest trends, you’ll look chic in a popular criss-cross design. The sky’s the limit, so you should choose a fashion diamond ring that really speaks to you and captures your fascination.

Occasions for a Fashion Diamond Ring

People use fine jewelry to celebrate special occasions all the timeā€”the engagement ring and wedding band are prime examples. Fashion diamond rings can be purchased for nearly any reason, including:

  • Honoring a wedding anniversary
  • Celebrating a special birthday
  • Committing to a relationship with a promise ring
  • Marking a major milestone or achievement
  • Treating yourself to something unique

Fashion Diamond Rings with Gems

What’s the best way to raise the bar on an already stunning diamond fashion ring? Sprinkle in some colored gemstones. Precious stones like sparkling green emeralds and luscious red rubies are excellent complements to icy white diamonds. Jewelry designers often incorporate gemstones into some of the best fashion diamond ring designs available. Sometimes that extra flash of color is the perfect thing that ties the whole look together, so be sure to choose your fashion gem and diamond ring carefully.

Nazar’s & Co Jewelers offers an extensive collection of fashion diamond rings, engagement rings, and designer jewelry. Book an appointment to visit our Houston showroom, or contact us for custom designs, jewelry services and more. 

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