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If you are looking for an engagement ring different from traditional diamond cuts, the rose-cut diamond should top your list of options. It offers more options consisting of various shapes, like oval, pear, round, and marquise. In order to understand more, let’s look at what exactly a rose-cut diamond is, features that make it unique and its history. 

Characteristics Of Rose Cut Diamonds

The rose cut diamond name was derived from its design and facets that resemble the unfolding petals of a rose bud. A flat base and domed top with no pavilion is one of the most striking features in a rose cut. It can contain 3 to 24 facets that end at the top of the stone in a single apex. In addition, there are noticeable effects on its flat back, which include:

  • The diamond appears transparent when the stone has no facets on the underside to reflect light.
  • Its domed top and flat base give a luster instead of a sparkle, creating an elegant and unique engagement ring.
  • Since its carat weight is not stored under the girdle, the stone will appear large if viewed from the top. 

The History Of Rose Cut Diamonds 

Rose-cut diamonds were still a hit in the 16th century when diamonds were measured and designed using hands. The design featured a similar appearance to that of rose petals. However, in the 20th century, the rose cut lost favor with the invention of new cuts like the brilliant cut diamonds. 

During this era, diamonds were designed to maximize the carat weight using simple tools. As technology evolved, the design purpose changed to revealing the sparkle of the diamond, showing its brilliance, which also led to the increase in price. 

With the introduction of antique jewelry, designers tried to recreate the same brilliance on the rose cut by adding a shiny metal foil layer. This foil would then reflect light onto the crown. Most of these old rose cuts were redesigned in the new style, making the antique rose cut diamonds.


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