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A  solitaire diamond is a piece of jewelry set in a single diamond. It could be a ring, bracelets, earrings, necklace, or even men’s jewelry. It is known as a simple style but still manages to dazzle more than other styles. Solitaires are one of the most famous jewelry styles since they are perfect for every occasion. If you are interested in buying one, here is more about them:

History of Solitaire Diamonds

Solitaire diamonds were the only ring-type until the 1940s when De Beers diamond corporation took the diamond market ownership. To boost the demand to meet the high supply, they hired N.W. Ayer advertising agency and the campaign “A Diamond is Forever” was born. The demand blew up, and new styles emerged to meet people’s interests with time. Even with the latest techniques such as three stones, pear, accented, halo, and many more, solitaire remained popular for its simplicity, sophistication, and sparkle.

Advantages Of Solitaire Diamonds

Center Of Attention

With the right choice, the solitaire diamond ring stands out since the attention is not split between the center stone and the accent stone.


They are less expensive than halo styles since there are no additional costs for the center and accent stones. So you can get a higher carat weight than other styles.

Easy To Care For

Solitaire has one stone and one set to clean and manage without always needing professional help, hence easier to care for than halo styles.

Timeless style

They have been in the market for many years and are still very popular. They, therefore, give a timeless vibe compared to other trendy styles such as halo, which may not forever be stylish.

Popular Diamonds Solitaire Setting Styles

The most popular settings for solitaire diamonds are:

Peg Head Setting

This beautiful setting has four or six prongs; the more the prongs, the modern the look. In peg head setting, the diamond sits high against the shank, making it vulnerable to the damage of the stone or the prong. Therefore, it is not suitable if you have an active lifestyle. 

Basket Setting

A basket setting has four prongs and an additional band, making it look like a basket. Its diamond may sit high or low depending on the specific design. It is the most traditional and commonly used setting for solitaire diamonds.

Trellis Setting

They are elegant settings made of four or more prongs weaving over each other. They are less popular than basket and peg head settings.

Bezel Setting

The setting compromises a metal band surrounding the diamond to create a smooth, firm edge to prevent it from falling out. Unfortunately, the metal bands make the diamond look smaller than in other settings since they cover the edges of the diamond. Hence, they are less popular and commonly seen in pendants and earrings. They are perfect for people with an active lifestyle. This setting can pair well with diamond cuts to hide blemishes found on the edge of the diamond.

Popular Diamond Solitaire Shapes

Round Solitaire

The most popular shape is this round, brilliant shape with 57 facets.

Princess Solitaire

The second most popular solitaire shape is the square, which has over 70 facets.

Emerald-Cut Solitaire

It is a subtle rectangular shape cut for its fire rather than brilliance.

Oval Solitaire

It is an elongated round shape cut for its size, although less popular than the round brilliant shape.

Marquise Solitaire

Marquise solitaire is shaped like a boat with pointed ends cut for its beautiful elongated shape and brilliance.

Heart Solitaire

This heart shape is popular for Valentine’s day.

Where To Purchase A Solitaire Diamond Jewelry

At Nazar’s & Co. Jewelers, we have a variety of solitaire diamond jewelry. We have trained professionals to set and achieve different shapes and settings of diamonds. Contact us for a solitaire diamond earring, engagement ring, bracelet, pendants, wedding bands, or other jewelry.

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