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Diamond jewels can transform your outfit into an elegant look for many occasions. Diamond cutters cut just 2% of these gemstones into Asschers, making them rare. Putting on jewelry having rare and unique Asscher cut diamonds can make you stand out.

What Are Asschers?

Asscher cut diamonds comprise princess and emerald cuts having X-shaped facets from their center culets to their corners. They are elegant with an Art Deco air and a clean balance. Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Ashlee Simpson, and Pippa Middleton are among the many celebrities who’ve had Asscher jewels.

What Makes Asschers Unique?

Asschers have straight-edged facets, giving them an elegant and clean look. Their features resemble the Art Deco era’s designs. Asscher cut diamonds contain 78 or 58 well-arranged facets. These facets have the same width and length with angled corners, shaping them into an octagon.

History Of Asschers

The Royal Asscher Diamond Company, formerly Asscher Diamond Company, makes Asschers. These gemstones are named after the Asscher brothers, and they first appeared in 1902. Asschers had their peak popularity in the 1920s during the Art Deco era, and they have some of this period’s designs. The family patented Asscher cut diamonds up until WW II when the family was deported from the Netherlands. The government seized their diamonds, and the 25 individuals that remained couldn’t return to the company after the war.

Joseph and Louis Asscher rebuilt the company in 1946. They changed its name to the Royal Asscher Diamond Company after Queen Juliana of Holland awarded it a Royal title. The company improved the original cut’s quality and cut by using modern diamond cutting procedures. The new patented Asschers had raised crowns and 78 facets.


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