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When it comes to making the best choice of your diamond jewelry, it’s important to understand the terminology employed. One terminology challenging many people is old mine cut diamond, which has distinct features differentiating it from other types of diamonds.

Here is everything you should know about old mine cut diamonds:

What Are Old Mine Cut Diamonds?

This historically significant stone comes with distinctive dimensions: a higher crown, smaller table, and bigger culet. The bigger culet gives each old mine cut diamond a distinctive look and odd proportions. Despite the asymmetry, these stones provide a fantastic visual indicator that distinguishes them from contemporary mine cut diamonds.

The Meaning Of “Old Mine Cut” Name

The term old mine cut now refers to rare antique diamonds, but has its origins in the early 1800s when diamonds were discovered in Africa. Previously, old mines were only in India and Brazil. Jewelers and users coined the phrase to differentiate stones from the old mines in India and Brazil, and the new ones discovered in South Africa.

Features Of Old Mine Cut Diamonds

If you’re looking to set your engagement ring with old mine cut diamonds, here are the salient features to look out for when buying one:

  • Examine the stone under various lighting conditions to note its dazzling surface and deep interior reflections.
  • Expect a distinct contrast pattern that distinguishes the old mine cuts from the modern diamond setting.
  • Its bigger facets produce more spectacular color patches, so be on the look out for a change in fire.
  • Since they have thin girdles, ensure they are covered completely with no visible edges.

Are Old Mine Cut Diamonds More Expensive?

The demand for older stones may be high, but old mine cut diamonds exhibit inferior cut grades compared to modern diamonds. Be sure to assess the diamond for its approximate value before committing to the purchase.

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