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Orissa alexandrite is a very rare and expensive gemstone with some distinctive features. It is very light and transparent, with green color during the day and red color during the night. The color change is very soft and not dramatic.

History of Alexandrite

Alexandrite was discovered in the 1980s in the Oural mountains in Russia by a mineralogist named Nils Gustaf Nordenskiold. It was later named in honor of Alexander 11 in 1834 by County Lev Alekseevich Perovskii. The mining continued extensively until 1913, when the production stopped due to wars.

Later in the 1970s, another alexandrite discovery in the gravels of Sri Lanka brought the gem back into the market. New sources were found later in 1987 near Hematita City in Brazil and in 2000 in India in the Orissa state.

Unique Features of Orissa Alexandrite


The Orissa Alexandrite rare gemstone is known for its smooth color transition. During the day or under fluorescent lighting, it displays a green light and smoothly changes color to greyish purple-red color at night or under incandescent light. Due to its color change, jewelers refer to it as emerald by day and ruby at night.


This gemstone contains very few inclusions compared to other alexandrites from other places. It is opaque in its rough form, and when cut, it is very transparent.


Orissa Alexandrite is a costly gemstone due to its rareness. It is very hard to find, and when found, only in a few instances does the Orissa Alexandrite have more than 3 carats.

How to Care for Orissa Alexandrite

Handle Orissa Alexandrite carefully, especially during the set, as it is very delicate. You should also avoid contact with harmful substances like acids.

Use a soft-bristled brush with warm water and soap when cleaning your gemstone. Avoid ultrasonic cleaning as the Orissa Alexandrite may be damaged when cleaning.

Should I Get an Orissa Alexandrite Gemstone?

Orissa Alexandrite is one of the world’s most precious pieces of jewelry that one should have (if you can afford it). 

Buy Orissa Alexandrite jewelry from reputable jewelers to avoid being duped for fake jewelry. When buying, carefully access the color transformation to determine if it’s a real Orissa Alexandrite gemstone.

For more information about Orissa Alexandrite and other types of alexandrites, do not hesitate to reach out to us today!

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