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Diamond cutting involves the shaping of a rough diamond into a form suitable for use as an item of jewelry. This process is conducted with the help of a metal saw and polishing grit on the surface. Diamonds that are too small or flawed can be recycled to cut other diamonds, while diamonds in larger sizes can be used to create jewelry items like necklaces and rings.

1. Use of Lasers

Today, lasers are widely used in cutting diamonds. The laser beam is directed into the diamond through the stone table. This creates a small opening on the stone, which gradually widens, creating a perfect cut without any irregularities. A similar process known as lapping is also used for making a smooth and flat surface on a diamond. This is done by attaching an abrasive surface to an abrasive wheel and then polishing it down over the surface of the diamond.

2. Use of Metal Saw

Metal saws, made of solid yet flexible material, are used to cut diamonds. These saws are used in combination with diamond cutters. The diamond is placed on the grid and activated by the cutter in a pressurized chamber. The diamond is then slowly moved across the saw blade until it is fully separated into smaller pieces, creating one perfect harmony, then placed on a round retainer ring.

3. Use of the Diamond Grinder

Diamond grinders are used in specific cases when neither lasers nor metal saws can be used to cut diamonds. This use of diamond grinders is allowed only in single-cut diamonds, not brilliant-cut ones. The diamond is then placed on a movable surface and moved on a rotating plate. The plate is then transferred to form accurate and neat cuts on the stone. The diamond cutter who made the scratches will polish them until they shine brightly.

4. Use of Diamonds To Cut Other Diamonds

Diamonds that are too small or flawed can be recycled to cut other diamonds. The diamond is placed on a rotating wheel and directed toward a cutting surface. This creates a perfect cut in the diamond, which is then polished to make it look new again.

Final Thoughts

A diamond is a gemstone that is harder than any other known material. It is mainly used in jewelry, and the diamonds are cut to create jewels such as jewelry, wedding rings, and earrings. Cutting diamonds requires several processes. They are generally based on lasers, metal saws, diamond grinders, and polishing games to cut diamonds in the desired shapes. If you are interested in getting more information about how to cut diamonds, contact us today at Nazar’s & co. Jewelers.

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