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Diamonds are best known for their magnificent sparkle and brilliance. All diamonds will shine under the proper lighting. However, certain diamond cuts or shapes are more likely to have an obvious sparkle than others.

What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

The sparkle of a diamond is reliant on its capacity to take in light and reflect it to those looking at it. The more light reflected from the facets of a diamond, the more sparkly it will appear.

Diamonds are cut into various shapes made up of several facets. Each of the facets will act as a mirror revealing light from one section of the diamond to another and then bouncing it back to produce a lovely sparkle.

The ability a diamond has to reflect light is often described as brilliance. Brilliance refers to a diamond’s ability to reveal white light. Generally, the diamond cuts with additional facets are more brilliant than those with fewer.

Diamond Cuts With The Best Sparkle

Certain diamond cuts are expressly designed to produce the optimal number of facets to produce the best light reflection and brilliance.

Round Brilliant Cut

The most sparkly diamond cut is the round brilliant cut, which has 58 facets, allowing light to enter and reflect off the many facets to produce an exquisite sparkle.

Princess, Cushion, and Radiant Cuts

The princess, cushion, and radiant cuts all have a beautiful sparkle and offer a similar level of brilliance as the round brilliant cut at a much lower cost per carat.

Oval, Heart, Pear, and Marquise Cuts

The oval, heart, pear, and marquise cuts share characteristics with the round brilliant cut to include a pattern of facets allowing for the reflection of the most possible light.

Emerald and Asscher Cuts

Emerald and Asscher cut diamonds because of their design and facet pattern are not recognized for their brilliance or sparkle, but they can still have a stylish appearance.

There are many beautiful diamond cuts, yet those with a higher number of facets will usually sparkle more than diamonds with fewer facets.

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