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Diamonds are best known for their magnificent sparkle and brilliance. All diamonds will shine under the proper lighting. However, certain diamond cuts or shapes are more likely to have an obvious sparkle than others. What Makes A Diamond Sparkle? The sparkle of a diamond is reliant on its capacity to take in light and reflect

Unlike diamonds that take center stage, such as the Round Brilliant or Cushion Cut diamonds, the stone called the Baguette diamond is better known as a beautiful accent stone. When arranged around a central gemstone, baguette diamonds create balance and a distinctive appeal which brings an extraordinary aesthetic to the whole piece. Once you know

When it comes to making the best choice of your diamond jewelry, it’s important to understand the terminology employed. One terminology challenging many people is old mine cut diamond, which has distinct features differentiating it from other types of diamonds. Here is everything you should know about old mine cut diamonds: What Are Old Mine

Valentine’s Day comes once every year, and is a special date for lovers everywhere around the world. It marks a day where love is in the air, alongside romance, beauty, and the smell of some nice red wine.  For those of you who aren’t quite sure of what to get for their special someone this

Natural diamonds are created deep under the shoal of the planet over millions and millions of years. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is a technique used to manufacture diamonds in the laboratory rapidly. They’re having an impact on the diamond sector. Is A CVD Diamond A Real Diamond? The term “laboratory-generated” may have you thinking whether

Did you know you can shop for a diamond ring even if you’re not getting married? Fashion diamond rings are created in a huge variety of styles, from statement rings to infinity rings, and can be worn by almost anyone. Understanding fashion jewelry is as simple as embracing your own personal style. Choosing a Fashion

Would you leave your diamond earrings untouched or clean them regularly? The latter option sounds good, yet that is what your jewels need. Diamond jewelry is of high value, and you should treasure it. Regular cleaning helps keep your earrings looking dazzling if you wear them often. You can clean your diamond earrings at home

While some rings feature a solitaire stone, others have a center stone surrounded by other, smaller diamond stones. These diamond stones are called accents and can add lots of sparkle to a ring without increasing the price too much. Depending on your preferences, the diamond accents on your ideal ring can come in a variety

If you are looking for an engagement ring different from traditional diamond cuts, the rose-cut diamond should top your list of options. It offers more options consisting of various shapes, like oval, pear, round, and marquise. In order to understand more, let’s look at what exactly a rose-cut diamond is, features that make it unique

Diamond grading and value are based on color, carat, cut, and clarity. The cut determines the clarity, carat, and fire. Diamonds are graded depending on the number of blemishes, scratches, and mineral deposits within or on the surface. VVS diamonds are among the top-grade diamonds with a high level of clarity.  Diamond Clarity Grades  The