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Diamond inclusions are small imperfections found within the structure of the diamond. The inclusions come about from the extreme pressure and heat that carbon undergoes when transforming into diamond. Inclusions are an important feature when determining diamond clarity. 

In the gemstone industry, flawless or inclusion-free diamonds are rare. Likely, most jewelers will never see them. However, most inclusions are unnoticeable by just looking at a diamond and may need a high magnification microscope to see them. Such imperfections do not affect the clarity of the diamond. However, large inclusions lead to a low-grade clarity diamond, which is less valuable.

Types of Diamond Inclusions

There are several types of inclusions.  Here is a quick look at each. 

Pinpoint Inclusions 

These are tiny black spots in the diamond. These are the most common inclusions.

Diamond Cavities

This is a small hole within the diamond. It is the rarest inclusion but lowers the quality of the diamond incredibly. Most diamonds with this inclusion are used to make industrial tools such as drill bits.

Feather Inclusions

These feather inclusions are tiny cracks on the surface or inside the diamond. Cracks on the surface may compromise the durability of the gem.

How Do Professionals Grade Inclusions?

Many independent certifying labs, such as AGSL and GIA, use a certain guideline to determine inclusions in diamonds. Here is the criterion for grading inclusions.


Gemologists start by checking the size of the inclusion. The bigger the inclusion, the lower the grade of the gem.


Next, professionals check for the number of visible inclusions. The more the visible inclusions, the lower the clarity of the diamond.


The location of inclusion in the diamond determines its value. Inclusions at the bottom are less likely to affect the clarity of the gemstone than at the center.

External Or internal Inclusions

The location of the inclusion, whether internal or external, affects the clarity and the value of the diamond. Gemstones with just external inclusions are internally flawless and quite valuable.

Ask your jeweler about the clarity of any diamond jewelry you intend to purchase. This largely affects the value of your gem.

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