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Diamonds triumph in hardness and stability, and it’s easy to think they are invincible. Unfortunately, every gemstone has its vulnerabilities. So, yes, diamonds can break. The good news is that this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Here is how diamonds break and a few tips to avoid damaging your precious jewelry.

What Breaks Diamonds?

 The majority of people put their expensive diamond jewelry into wear and tear without even noticing. Most of them break in the form of chips on the girdle or sharp points. These are the areas where atoms are not tightly bonded. Diamonds do not shatter when dropped, but they may chip from powerful, accidental blows.

They can also break when there is pressure buildup inside the stone called ‘strain.’ A small tap results in breakage for the pressure to escape. While it is very rare for diamonds to break this way, it’s a fact worth noting.

How To Avoid Breaking Your Diamonds

To avoid damaging your diamonds, you must be mindful of making erratic movements that may cause breakage. Be sure to remove your earrings or rings before swimming or exposure to harsh chemicals or lotions. They tend to weaken the integrity of the settings of the diamonds.

Diamonds are made through intense pressure and heat and should be durable. Exercise treating your precious jewelry with the utmost care by storing them in a safe place when not in use. You can place them in a box or wrap them in soft cotton.

What To Do If Your Diamond Is Broken?

The most cost-effective way is to talk to your jeweler about resetting the stone to hide insignificant damage. You can also opt to replace it if the breakage is beyond repair.

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