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Diamonds are the hardest substance to have ever existed. Forget the saying that diamonds can last forever. Real diamonds can withstand some heat, but when subjected to a lot of heat, all diamonds can melt within minutes.

At What Temperatures Do Diamonds Melt?

Heat diamond in the open air with enough oxygen, and the diamond starts melting at around 4500 degrees Celsius and with a pressure of 100,000 bar. This turns the diamond into its liquid form. 

 If the diamond is heated without oxygen, it turns into graphite before it reaches the melting point.

Where Can Diamonds Be Melted?

A real diamond cannot melt under normal atmospheric pressure levels. Diamonds can only be melted in laboratories. The Sandia’s Z machine, New Mexico’s largest X-ray generator, turned diamond into liquid by creating pressures more than ten million times the normal atmospheric pressure levels in 2006.

 After a few minutes, the melted diamond re-hardened again turning back into diamond.

Can Lava Melt Diamonds?

Lava only heats up to 1200 degrees Celsius; for a diamond to melt, it needs up to 4500 degrees Celsius. So a diamond cannot melt in lava.

Can Acid Melt Diamonds?

Acids, although very corrosive, cannot melt a diamond. However, do not put your diamond into acid, as some corrosive acids can damage your diamond.

Is it Easy To Melt a Diamond?

Many people who tried melting diamonds were unsuccessful. Marcus Knudson, a Sandia experimenter, said it was difficult to melt diamonds as those pressures could not be obtained easily.

Final Thoughts

Diamonds can indeed be melted when subjected to hot temperatures of around 4500 degrees Celsius. There has not been any other proven laboratory that has been able to melt diamonds. So if you are thinking of melting your diamonds, your only option is The Z machine.

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