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Diamonds are known for their characteristic sparkle, but what makes them sparkle so much more than other gems? Here is an overview of what makes a diamond sparkle and how you can keep yours looking its best! 

Do All Diamonds Sparkle? 

All diamonds can be made to sparkle, but they actually do not sparkle naturally. Natural diamonds simply resemble transparent rocks when they are mined and have little to no sparkle or shine at all. Diamonds need to be cut and polished to enhance their appearance before being made into jewelry, and this process gives diamonds the many facets they need to catch the light and send it glittering in every direction. 

What Makes Diamonds Sparkle? 

Diamonds gain their characteristic sparkle by using lasers to scrape away their dull, rough outer surface and create and polish angled facets that allow them to sparkle. Diamond craftsmen can even control the amount of sparkle each diamond has by adjusting the proportions and alignment of each facet to best match its size and the recipient’s style. The overall sparkle of each diamond is based on its brilliance, fire, and scintillation. 

How Can I Make My Diamonds Sparkle More? 

Although you will not be able to alter the facets and other aspects of the craftsmanship of your diamonds, you can boost their shine by polishing them regularly with a special jewelry cleaning solution that can wipe away any dirt and dullness that may be interfering with the light’s ability to reach your diamonds as well as it could be. 

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