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Diamonds are known for their expensive value and brilliant sparkle, but one aspect not often talked about is the ability for diamonds to glow under a black light. You can actually use this to your advantage when shopping for a diamond ring!

Why Do Diamonds Glow?

The phenomenon that causes a diamond to glow under black light is called fluorescence. Around 35% of diamonds grown naturally have this component in them, and 95% of them glow a bluish color when exposed to a black light. The other 5% may glow in a variety of other colors, including red, yellow, white, green, and orange.

The fluorescence intensity is included in the grading process done by the GIA or AGS, with ratings ranging from none, faint, medium, strong, and very strong. In the latter two categories, the fluorescence can occasionally be observed in sunlight, which can lead to a cloudy or blurry appearance of the diamond.

Is Fluorescence In A Diamond Bad?

In the current market, fluorescence is often seen as a bad thing, and the diamonds with this “defect” are usually sold at a discounted price. However, fluorescence can be a beautiful thing depending on what you value personally. The downside to a fluorescent diamond is that “overblue” diamonds often have a milky appearance that can be easily seen. This isn’t always the case though, as 2-3% of colorless diamonds can have a strong or very strong fluorescence. 

Some believe Fluorescence impacts the durability of a diamond, but this simply isn’t true. It has no effect on the durability. It’s also believed fluorescence impacts the color, but that isn’t true either. In fact, fluorescence may actually improve the color of a diamond. For example, a diamond with a blue color under black light can help a diamond look whiter by counteracting the yellow tint it may have. 

Altogether, whether a fluorescent diamond is worth depends on the eye of the beholder. You can take advantage of the lower priced diamonds, or you can agree with the market value and go for the 65% that don’t have this component. It all depends on personal taste, but fluorescent diamonds are quite a beauty. 

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