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“White diamonds” is a term used in the diamond jewelry industry when referring to standard transparent, colorless diamonds. However, their color appears to be milky, pearly, or snowy, which makes them desired by most buyers. So let’s dive into details and learn what makes a white diamond and why white diamonds are not colorless.

What Are White Diamonds?

A white diamond is an opaque, milky stone with a non-brilliant appearance . Primarily, the term “white” applies to diamonds identical to colorless stones. However, on GIA’s D-to-Z color scale, white diamonds do not appear on the grading scale. 

What Makes White Diamonds White?

Under the formation of diamonds, pure carbon and nitrogen impurities will determine the color. However, white diamonds do get their color due to the presence of more sub-microscopic inclusions. 

These inclusions are vital for allowing light through the stone, which then scatters to give it a translucent snowy, milky, or opaque white face-up appearance. However, there are instances where white diamonds illustrate flashes of color visible when the diamond is facing upwards.

Such diamonds are commonly known as opalescent, because they are reminiscent of a white opal with a soft play of color.

Why Are White Diamonds Not Colorless?

As stated earlier, white diamonds do not appear on the GIA D-to-Z color scale because they are not colorless. So yes, they are white. That might not seem very clear, but white is a color. The primary reason is that white is the sum of all other colors of the spectrum. However, you cannot compare white to black, which is full color on its own.

Having that in mind, white is not included in the color spectrum.  

Where Can You Buy White Diamonds?

White diamonds are fancy colored diamonds that come with remarkable beauty. Suppose you are looking for a genuine jewel vendor, Nazar’s & co. Jewelers are here to serve you. We have over three decades of expertise in manufacturing and designing fine jewelry. 

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