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Whether you select an emerald cut, cushion cut, or round cut, the shape of a diamond has a considerable impact on whoever you are looking to impress. However, when selecting an engagement ring, the share and design can be a hassle. 

The good news is you can still get that glitzy engagement ring bigger and within your budget. Below are some facts and tips that will lead you to get that extensive diamond look for your fiance-to-be. 

What Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest

Most people believe that the higher carat weight means a more oversized diamond look. But, on the contrary, a skilled cutter can maximize a diamond face-up appearance by designing it in different fancy shapes. 

The cutter can make that happen by not sacrificing the most vital balance of proportions that gives a diamond a blinding sparkle. However, the less-brilliant or spread diamonds designed with shallower cuts tend to appear more expansive and larger. 

Here is a listing of the best diamond shapes that look the biggest.


An oval-cut diamond will create an illusion that makes the diamond tend to appear more prominent due to its elongated lines. Even better, oval-cuts with brilliant sparkle will always draw attention and intensify the illusion effect.


The marquise cuts tend to look larger by covering a considerable part of your finger. However, the demand for this shaped diamond is lower compared to other shapes. That makes them cheaper. 

Emerald Shapes

If you have a higher clarity grade diamond, then an emerald cut will work perfectly in giving that great shape. Interestingly, emerald cuts are not so deep, and that helps in showing inclusions. In addition, the stone will appear wider for its large table and a less sparkly mirror effect that adds the illusion of a bigger diamond.

Pear Shapes

The pear shape has elongated cuts similar to those present in oval and emerald cuts. However, the body adds a sharp tip and a rounded end that is a bit wider. So it is easy for people to notice it. Most people are not popular with pear shapes, thus making it less pricey.

Of all the listed shapes, emerald shapes tend to look the biggest because of their flat face, which gives an impressively large spread.

How To Make A Diamond Shape Look Bigger

If you are looking for a better way to make your diamond look more prominent, here are some unique techniques you can try out:

  • Choose one of the listed above diamond shapes 
  • Consider the proportion of the diamond
  • Add a halo around the diamond
  • Choose a flatter stone and round cuts

Bottom Line

When shopping for jewelry, do not dwell on carats, but consider the perfect cut and setting. Use these diamond shapes to guide you when searching for an engagement ring on the internet or in a brick-and-mortar store. 

Meanwhile, you can choose your engagement ring from the best and genuine jeweler’s store. Here at Nazar’s & co jewelers, we serve our customers with the best diamonds, gemstones, and fine jewelry. You can contact us or visit our online website to book an appointment with us for more information.  

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